A few good runs

A nice video compilation of some of the best club rides..

Daisybank dig weekender 2012

Big thanks to all who turned up to repair Daisybank dirt jumps this weekend. It was an epic couple of days of dirt moving and packing in. I still cannot quite believe how much we achieved and how good the summer is going to be riding up there.

Buckholt Wood riding agreement

Last Friday (March 23rd) representatives from Cheltenham & County CC and Bigfoot MBC reached what we considered as a workable riding agreement with Natural England and the forestry manager

Cheltenham & County and Bigfoot MBC hit Ribbesford

With our two clubs having recently collaborated in trying to negotiate the return of mountain biking to Buckholt Woods we furthered this partnership with a superb gravity riding day at the downhill trails near to Ribbesford

Bushy dig day - Nov 13th 2.30pm (DH and XC)

It's been a while but now the ground is getting softer the next round of Bushcombe dig days is about to start. I know a few of you have been enjoying what we've put in up there this year, so we've got some plans to extend, alter and improve what is already there.

On Sunday 13th November we are planning to make our way to Bushcombe (meeting at 2.30pm at the car park) to ride and take stock of what we have. If you want to go up earlier feel free and we'll meet you up there.

The ground may be still quite hard so it maybe that we start by checking the track over and seeing what needs work along with cutting some brush away to form new lines.

Other items of focus for this dig season are that we are keen to start looking at other lines for DH and, with the Cranham situation developing , creating an XC'able line there. This may sound like a massive task but I think we are only looking at the bottom 1/3 of the hill which needs something put in to ride back up as the exisiting trails and the Land rover tracks form a nice network in most areas and I think we could have something in place quite easily with a bit of graft and using the land well.

So if you fancy trying your hand at designing some lines, both DH and XC come along we'd love to hear your thoughts and we'd be happy to point you in the direct of some of the areas most suited for this to save you scouring the area. Or if you just want to come to dig and ride feel free.

Everyone welcome!