A few good runs

A nice video compilation of some of the best club rides..

Daisybank dig weekender 2012

Big thanks to all who turned up to repair Daisybank dirt jumps this weekend. It was an epic couple of days of dirt moving and packing in. I still cannot quite believe how much we achieved and how good the summer is going to be riding up there.

Buckholt Wood riding agreement

Last Friday (March 23rd) representatives from Cheltenham & County CC and Bigfoot MBC reached what we considered as a workable riding agreement with Natural England and the forestry manager

Cheltenham & County and Bigfoot MBC hit Ribbesford

With our two clubs having recently collaborated in trying to negotiate the return of mountain biking to Buckholt Woods we furthered this partnership with a superb gravity riding day at the downhill trails near to Ribbesford

Leckhampton Rally

The Club Birthday DH event was a timed rally up Leckhampton Hill. The format was one hour per track with unlimited timed and untimed practice runs then one official timed run. Four riders turned up for the full event but more appeared to complete in the final stage. The times were recorded using the clubs Freelap poles and timing watches.

Track one was the BMX track from the top, down the chute, taking the long route to the next push path. The finish gate was on the straight before you drop on to the walkers track (so plenty of time to slow down). To those that do not know it so well, this section is all about sprinting and holding speed through large corners. Nothing too technical here just power and confidence! There we no particular problems with this section as everyone knew it well, though I did have an off track moment on the first practice run.

Track two used Dragons Tail, this drops from the middle walkers path to the top of the quarry. We used some tape to force the riders around all the corners then off the main line to take in a drop before finishing just after the ‘tail’ berms. By forcing the corners made this section a lot more difficult especially turning 90 degrees on rooty steps. During the practice period everyone had some off track moment, it was clear that consistency would win through on this stage. Roger deserves special credit for his crash on his race run. I did not see it but it sounded like he smashed through a tree!

Track three used Marshall Law then through the bomb hole in the beeches area. This track is one of the most technical on the hill with a good mixture of speed, tight corners and rough trail. Again everyone knew this track well so everyone was fine tuning their lines to save as much time as possible. First practice runs showed it was going to be close with Rich getting 40.25 and I got 40.24 (and no we were not following each other).

So the overall results were fairly close with Alex M taking the fastest overall and two of the stages. We hope to hold more of these sessions in the coming months, good practice for the FoD mini DH series!

Results:         BMX track     Dragons tail     Marshall law     Total
Alex H           33.67         28.41            39.26            101.34
Alex M           32.52         25.57            35.65            93.74
Rich D           32.19         30.69            39.66            102.44
Roger S (HT)     36.72         54(crash)        46.31            137.03
John H                                          39.68
Bran                                            36.69
Jake(rear brake only)                           49