A few good runs

A nice video compilation of some of the best club rides..

Daisybank dig weekender 2012

Big thanks to all who turned up to repair Daisybank dirt jumps this weekend. It was an epic couple of days of dirt moving and packing in. I still cannot quite believe how much we achieved and how good the summer is going to be riding up there.

Buckholt Wood riding agreement

Last Friday (March 23rd) representatives from Cheltenham & County CC and Bigfoot MBC reached what we considered as a workable riding agreement with Natural England and the forestry manager

Cheltenham & County and Bigfoot MBC hit Ribbesford

With our two clubs having recently collaborated in trying to negotiate the return of mountain biking to Buckholt Woods we furthered this partnership with a superb gravity riding day at the downhill trails near to Ribbesford

Corrective Racing: Round 1

With the new club freelap system we thought it is a good excuse to start some Corrective Racing. Round 1 started the mini series with the technical track Marshal Law on Leckhampton.

Rich took the fastest as expected, with 26 secs, but Stuart put in a surprising  28, with no chain and on a bike that has not been seen for a year. In true start of series style the timing was not quite up to scratch (Alex really should have read the instructions) but it was good to hit a track under pressure, makes you ride sharp.

Freelap night is what we need  to keep things fresh!

Rich T - 26sec (hard tail)
Stuart B - 28sec (chainless)
Alex H - 32sec
Gary H - 33sec
Rich D - 35sec
Roger S - 37sec (hard tail)
Pete G - 45sec
Tim P - DNS (but rode the track for the first time)

Kona Mash-Up June 2010

Unfortunately the timing for the event was a bit of a failure with many times missed and the whole last stage cancelled. The racers in the technical event had 2 run times published, enduro guys - 3. The Cheltenham & County Cycling Club racers managed to get a few good times with Rich Teague likely to have got a podium if his runs had been times and Rachel Vicary coming first in the womens.

Full times and results:

Enduro and Technical Windy Point

Rachel Vicary 4:33 1st place (womens)

Rich Teague 4:10 9th place
Rich Dade 4:24 21st place
Mike Teague 4:24 23rd place
Garry Higgins 4:32 28th place
Julian Davies 6:14 63rd place

Missing times for Simon Everitt and Charlie Williams

Technical Black Run

Rachel Vicary 3:12 1st place (womens)

Garry Higgins 3:01 14th place
Rich Dade 3:02 15th place

Enduro Jetlag

Rich Teague 3:48 2nd place
Charlie Williams 3:55 8th place
Mike Skidmore 4:28 35th place
Julian Davies 6:41 78th place

Enduro Joyrider

Rich Teague 3:45 4th place
Charlie Williams 3:45 5th place
Simon Everitt 4:28 23rd place
Mike Skidmore 5:12 51st place
Julian Davies 7:25 82nd place

Saturday's Route, Graham's Gulley

An epic summer route taking in Alstone, Dumbleton and Cleeve.

View the route at Garmin