A few good runs

A nice video compilation of some of the best club rides..

Daisybank dig weekender 2012

Big thanks to all who turned up to repair Daisybank dirt jumps this weekend. It was an epic couple of days of dirt moving and packing in. I still cannot quite believe how much we achieved and how good the summer is going to be riding up there.

Buckholt Wood riding agreement

Last Friday (March 23rd) representatives from Cheltenham & County CC and Bigfoot MBC reached what we considered as a workable riding agreement with Natural England and the forestry manager

Cheltenham & County and Bigfoot MBC hit Ribbesford

With our two clubs having recently collaborated in trying to negotiate the return of mountain biking to Buckholt Woods we furthered this partnership with a superb gravity riding day at the downhill trails near to Ribbesford

XC route, HONC 2007

Here is the final instalment of the HONC routes, from 2007. We will resume shorter routes from next week.

View the route at BikeHike

Download the TRL files

Cleeve Scree Videos 2010

Here are a few clips of our riders running the scree slopes on Cleeve Hill.

Bushcombe Wednesdays!

Starting this Wednesday 6pm (21st April) there will be dig/ ride evenings. The initial aim will be to work on the new track with some riding. As we progress with the track there will be more riding and even some timed sessions later in the summer.

A few of us went  up at the weekend to try out some of the sections, considering it is still in early development it was very fun. The track was a lot faster than expected and provided a good challenge for a range of abilities.

Currently there is still a lot of hawthorn that needs trimming so pruning equipment and rakes will be very useful. A few corners need cutting in as well so mattocks and hoes are also essential equipment.

I hope that we can make this a regular evening so we can keep progressing the trails at Bushcombe. Remember if you have an idea we have the land!

XC route, HONC 2008

Here is the third instalment of the HONC routes, from 2008.

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Suspicious cars at Leckhampton

The latest car acting suspiciously at Leckhampton is  a Blue Ford Focus registration M900 CHE fully furnished with the finest alloys.

One of passengers look liked a previously recognised character wearing a grey cotton tracksuit, it was matching, how coordinated and sophisticated. He had black hair...

If you are followed home from Leckhampton please report this to the local police (0845 090 1234) and lock your bikes up in your house for a while. Cars have been known to return only hours later to take the bikes. Carefully choose your route home so that you cannot be easily followed and keep an eye over your shoulder.

Daisybank needs you! - Updated

It is the time of year to put a bit of work in at Daisybank dirt jumps. Last year a few evenings work provided lots of airtime and progression of skills.

This year the plan is to fix some of the drainage issues and profile the final berm. Repair and lip treat the 2nd table line. The double line will be finished into a 6 pack. If there is time we would also like to tame the novice line a little. Conditions are great at the moment so lets go up and sort it!

A few people will be up there from 6pm on Thursday 8th April 4.30pm Friday 16th April, until dark. Come along if you want to help or want to make your own suggestions. Everyone welcome as it is not a club site.

Bring whatever equipment you have in your digging armoury.

These are a few snaps of the work so far. We did get more done but the lack of light prevented more photos.
The new kicker for the 1st on the double line

The start of the kicker for the second kicker and the lengthened 2nd table.

The lengthened final table and the start of the new hip line off it into the tight berm (cheers to the lads who suggested and started it)

The new freeride wheelbarrow in action.

New MTB Race Captain

We welcome Rachel Vicary as our new mountain bike race captain. This is a new role to support the development of racing at all levels, off road. As a keen racer herself she aims to promote the following:

1) To dissmeniate information about MTB racing events to you all -including XC, 4X, Downhill, Enduro etc
2) To promote racing. While not distracting from leisure riding, ensuring that those wishing to push themselves a little further have something to aspire to and have support/encouragement from the club to do so.
3) To facilitate racing - hopefully by co-ordinating events we can make it easier and cheaper to organise transport, accommodation etc
4) To promote our members' racing achievements - not only within the club but externally too.
5) To build up racing expertise - making the most of local tracks for our own mini practise events and ultimately getting experts into the club for training sessions etc

There are many local Cheltenham riders, young and old, that race but who are not part of the club. Hopefully we can also use this role to reach out to them and bring them into the club. As this is a new role, I am of course, still scoping out what needs to be done.

If you race or have an interest in doing so please email Rachel, or just contact TheCorrective

XC Route, HONC 2009

As promised here is the route for HONC 2009.

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Download the TRL files

XC route, HONC 2010

Not quite an exclusive, but we have the route for the HONC 2010. We will publish previous routes over the next few weeks as a bonus treat.

If you are downloading to your navigation device for the event please download the latest files from the HONC Website.

View the 100k route at BikeHike
View the 50k route at BikeHike

Download the 100k TRL files
Download the 50k TRL files
Download the 100k GPX files
Download the 50k GPX files