A few good runs

A nice video compilation of some of the best club rides..

Daisybank dig weekender 2012

Big thanks to all who turned up to repair Daisybank dirt jumps this weekend. It was an epic couple of days of dirt moving and packing in. I still cannot quite believe how much we achieved and how good the summer is going to be riding up there.

Buckholt Wood riding agreement

Last Friday (March 23rd) representatives from Cheltenham & County CC and Bigfoot MBC reached what we considered as a workable riding agreement with Natural England and the forestry manager

Cheltenham & County and Bigfoot MBC hit Ribbesford

With our two clubs having recently collaborated in trying to negotiate the return of mountain biking to Buckholt Woods we furthered this partnership with a superb gravity riding day at the downhill trails near to Ribbesford

December Snow Ride

A little snow is not enough to stop the Saturday rides, actually it is usually one of the busiest rides of the winter. From the photos and this video it looks like a great expedition.

Photo and Video thanks to Graham Haller

Winter FoD XC

It looks like there was another classic FoD ride on Sunday with stunning weather...

Photo and GPS thanks to Graham Haller

View the route at BikeHike
Download the GPX (right click and save)

2011 Forest of Dean Mini DH Round 1

Despite the sub zero conditions the club put forward a strong team for the first round of the 661 Mini DH. The classic FoD track 'Ski Run' was used with sections getting cut up and muddy during the practice session. Some of the wooded sections ended up very dark during racing, some riders optted to ride without their goggles!

Rachel just missed out on another podium and Charlie actually crashed at the final corner on his first run so lost several vital seconds. Rich deserves a special mention for consistant fast runs ending up as the fastest club member and 9th in Masters.

Cheltenham & County CC represented by:

Rachel Vicary (Ladies) Best time= 1:35.53 Position= 4th / 10
Stuart Bond (Seniors) Best time= 1:24.98 Position= 46th/ 68
Richard Dade (Masters) Best time= 1:19.88 Position= 9th / 52
Alex Marshall (Masters) Best time= 1:21.77 Position= 16th/ 52
Charlie Williams (Masters) Best time= 1:23.17 Position= 19th/ 52
Roger Smith (Veterans) Best time= 1:35.03 Position= 20th/ 23
Garry Higgins (Veterans) Best time= 1:24.21 Position= 8th / 23

Photos from Graham Haller

Bike stolen plus dodgy Peugeot 106

A week old 2011 Specialised Enduro Comp FSR (stock photo below) has been stolen from a workplace in Charlton Kings, We suspect he was followed there by a pair of lads in a small silver Peugeot or Renault reg V or W_06 plate.

In a separate incident a club member was on way up to Cleeve when a silver Peugeot 106 with 3 lads overtook, one lad lent out the window and shouted to pull over. The reg was V or W and they were 17-19 year olds.

If you are followed home by this car or any other please report this to the local police (0845 090 1234) and lock your bikes up in your house for a while. Cars have been known to return only hours later to take the bikes. Carefully choose your route home so that you cannot be easily followed and keep an eye over your shoulder.

Civic following people home

A rider has been followed home recently by a group in a car. We don't have a registration at the moment but the car was described as a 98 or 99 style Honda Civic, navy blue and quite dirty.

If you are followed home from Leckhampton by this car or any other please report this to the local police (0845 090 1234) and lock your bikes up in your house for a while. Cars have been known to return only hours later to take the bikes. Carefully choose your route home so that you cannot be easily followed and keep an eye over your shoulder.

Working hard at the FlyUp

A few lucky club member managed to blag a Friday off work to try out the DH track modifications at Cwmcarn, in preparation for the New Year ride of course. Sadly a mini bus breakdown and a lesser known Fabien Barrel meant that the uplift was cancelled. The back up plan was to quickly book the remaining spaces on FlyUp at the Forest of Dean. 

As usual the service was excellent with as many runs as you dared in the low light conditions. I think most people has a few minor off's or moments through the day, including Roger carefully mastering the star-jump dismount and Ian nearly landing on him. We wish a big get well soon to the random rider who had a nasty crash and a broken collar bone. The conditions were a real mix of dry under the tree cover to sloppy in the open areas. The most embarrassing failure was Alex's attempt at a 180 en-route to the trail which resulted in a flat tire and a miserable run.  

I think in total everyone managed a dedicated 13-14 runs, the last few were using the force with the low light. After the bike and body hose down the day finished with a classic FoD cake, perfect end to what is becoming a classic days riding.

Cheers Adam for the photos.

Club Quantocks Ride

After months of anticipation Barnaby really pulled it out of the bag with this ride for sure. Somehow 21 riders managed an epic day with nearly 1000m of climbing. Top group, top tracks, top day. Well done B, more like this to come I hope.

Minutes after the group photo was taken Garry took a high speed tumble on a decent. He was showing off his injuries in town later though and no permanent damage I think. Andrea snapped her mech hanger and Rich converted her to a single speed - and this still didn't slow her down.
Big thanks to all who made the curry / beer session after the ride. 25 hungry souls (no B, not Cotic Souls..). Best Madras I have ever had and that's no joke. Chilli pickle still playing havoc with me now though!!
View the route at Garmin

PS I have cobbled this information together from the emails if anyone has a more comprehensive report please drop me a line.

Bushcombe winter digging

As many of you know, the Cheltenham and County Cycling Club have been building trails on local farmland for the last year and a half. As the summer fades away and the undergrowth dies down we are starting to plan how we can really make the venue something special for next year as well as preparing it for winter skids.
There are 2 tracks being developed, a classic DH style course and a freeride trail with ladder drops, bridge jumps and plenty of berms. Both trails need continuing development during the darker months along with designing and building new lines, which is why we are looking for more riders and trail builders to come and help.

The first dig session will be Sunday 19th September 8am-12. Everyone is welcome to come along to our sessions and we try to do a bit of riding after. Keep your eyes on this site for more dig and ride dates, if you would like to be added to our mailing list please ContactUs.

Photos: Mike Dunsby and Graham Haller

Corrective Racing: Round 2

To follow on with last weeks timed sessions we will be riding against the clock at Bushcombe this Thursday. You will be glad to hear that I went up on Saturday and cleared all the nettles and grass from the track so no stings or scratches. I modified a couple of corners as well making then a little easier, still plenty to challenge everyone though (and ridable by all).

I hope that we can run the full length of the built track so looking at times around 45 seconds, if lots of people turn up or it is too slow a turn around we can shorten the timed section.

You can think of the times as a race, or just as personal challenge. I find that I ride completely differently against a clock compared to just cruising.

I will be getting there at 6pm to put out a little tape and get some practice in, but remember club members can ride there any time in the week.

I hope to see lots of you up there on Thursday

Forest of Dean video

We have been lacking in DH action recently so here is a sweet video taken at FoD featuring a club member and a few of his mates.

Stolen Bikes!

We just heard this terrible news from a club member, if you hear anything please Contact Us or the police (0845 090 1234).

All three bikes have been taken from my garage last night. Whoever you are able to post to would be much appreciated, though I don't suppose they'll be seen again round here.  A reminder of the bikes and their distinctive bits:
Specialized Enduro Expert 2008: 
Sunline v1 bars
E13 double chainguide and bashguard
Hope Pro2/ DT Swiss e510 rear wheel
Otherwise standard
Specialized Demo 7 2008
Blue Race Face Atlas bars
Nukeproof Neutron pedals
Sun Ringle EQ31 rear rim
Otherwise standard
Commencal Absolut 4x VIP
Fox 32 Float R forks (grey) - c. 2006 model I think
Superstar wheels with gold superstar skewers
Airbase Gold stem
Green ODI ruffian grips
Sunline V2 bars
Shimano XT brakes/ 180mm rotas
Shimano SLX chainset (single ring 32t)
E13 chainguide
Sram X9 shifter
Sram X7 derailleur
Gold superstar pedals

Corrective Racing: Round 1

With the new club freelap system we thought it is a good excuse to start some Corrective Racing. Round 1 started the mini series with the technical track Marshal Law on Leckhampton.

Rich took the fastest as expected, with 26 secs, but Stuart put in a surprising  28, with no chain and on a bike that has not been seen for a year. In true start of series style the timing was not quite up to scratch (Alex really should have read the instructions) but it was good to hit a track under pressure, makes you ride sharp.

Freelap night is what we need  to keep things fresh!

Rich T - 26sec (hard tail)
Stuart B - 28sec (chainless)
Alex H - 32sec
Gary H - 33sec
Rich D - 35sec
Roger S - 37sec (hard tail)
Pete G - 45sec
Tim P - DNS (but rode the track for the first time)

Kona Mash-Up June 2010

Unfortunately the timing for the event was a bit of a failure with many times missed and the whole last stage cancelled. The racers in the technical event had 2 run times published, enduro guys - 3. The Cheltenham & County Cycling Club racers managed to get a few good times with Rich Teague likely to have got a podium if his runs had been times and Rachel Vicary coming first in the womens.

Full times and results:

Enduro and Technical Windy Point

Rachel Vicary 4:33 1st place (womens)

Rich Teague 4:10 9th place
Rich Dade 4:24 21st place
Mike Teague 4:24 23rd place
Garry Higgins 4:32 28th place
Julian Davies 6:14 63rd place

Missing times for Simon Everitt and Charlie Williams

Technical Black Run

Rachel Vicary 3:12 1st place (womens)

Garry Higgins 3:01 14th place
Rich Dade 3:02 15th place

Enduro Jetlag

Rich Teague 3:48 2nd place
Charlie Williams 3:55 8th place
Mike Skidmore 4:28 35th place
Julian Davies 6:41 78th place

Enduro Joyrider

Rich Teague 3:45 4th place
Charlie Williams 3:45 5th place
Simon Everitt 4:28 23rd place
Mike Skidmore 5:12 51st place
Julian Davies 7:25 82nd place

Saturday's Route, Graham's Gulley

An epic summer route taking in Alstone, Dumbleton and Cleeve.

View the route at Garmin

Practice makes perfect!

We all know that practice makes perfect, but how often do we make the time to actually hone our bike skills? Practising that corner that you find difficult, pushing yourself to go over a slightly larger step/ drop or simply trying a new trick.

Practising also helps with bike set-up as you can repeat a small section whilst making alterations to suspension settings or simply changing the cockpit. It is amazing how much a difference a few degrees of change in brake lever position makes.

No matter what level a rider you are there is always room for improvement. If practising sounds a bit dull then just think of it as play biking.  This play biking is what the Thursday Corrective Sessions are all about, with Lecky and Bushcombe offering plenty to play on.

If you do not already come along join us and see your bike skills improve.

See you Thursday

XC Routes - Summer pub routes

The Tuesday evening pub rides are now in full swing, so to celebrate we have five routes for you to enjoy.

The Plough, Prestbury
27.9km with 1076m climbing.

View the route at EveryTrail
View the route at BikeHike
Download the GPX (right click and save)

The Jolly Brewmaster, Tivoli
30.95km with 605m climbing.

View the route at EveryTrail
View the route at BikeHike
Download the GPX (right click and save)

Craven Arms, Brockhampton
35.98km with 598m climbing.

View the route at EveryTrail
View the route at BikeHike
Download the GPX (right click and save)

Black Horse, Cranham
40.37km with 764m climbing.

View the route at EveryTrail
View the route at BikeHike
Download the GPX (right click and save)

Colesbourne Inn, Colesbourne
38.22km with 607m climbing.

View the route at EveryTrail
View the route at BikeHike
Download the GPX (right click and save)

XC route, Salperton

I have driven past Salperton a lot recently so I thought it would make a good excuse for a route.

37.37km with 762m of climbing.

View the route at BikeHike
Download the GPX (right click and save)

Bushcombe update and ride

A lot has been happening up Bushcombe since the last update. The usual Wednesday dig/ ride sessions are still on going with the work dependant on the weather. As we approach summer there will be more riding and less digging.

The track is progressing nicely, we have been taking advantage of the damp weather over the last few weeks and been digging in new berms, drops and jumps. Currently nearly half the track is ridable and has many interesting features. As the weather dries out again we will work on clearing the remaining sections. 

This weeks (20th May) Corrective Thursday will be up at Bushcombe, people will be up there from 6pm. If you arrive late a contact number will be displayed in one of the cars.

Enjoy a few bad quality photos of some of the stuff that is being built up there...

XC route, HONC 2007

Here is the final instalment of the HONC routes, from 2007. We will resume shorter routes from next week.

View the route at BikeHike

Download the TRL files

Cleeve Scree Videos 2010

Here are a few clips of our riders running the scree slopes on Cleeve Hill.

Bushcombe Wednesdays!

Starting this Wednesday 6pm (21st April) there will be dig/ ride evenings. The initial aim will be to work on the new track with some riding. As we progress with the track there will be more riding and even some timed sessions later in the summer.

A few of us went  up at the weekend to try out some of the sections, considering it is still in early development it was very fun. The track was a lot faster than expected and provided a good challenge for a range of abilities.

Currently there is still a lot of hawthorn that needs trimming so pruning equipment and rakes will be very useful. A few corners need cutting in as well so mattocks and hoes are also essential equipment.

I hope that we can make this a regular evening so we can keep progressing the trails at Bushcombe. Remember if you have an idea we have the land!

XC route, HONC 2008

Here is the third instalment of the HONC routes, from 2008.

View the route at BikeHike

Download the TRL files

Suspicious cars at Leckhampton

The latest car acting suspiciously at Leckhampton is  a Blue Ford Focus registration M900 CHE fully furnished with the finest alloys.

One of passengers look liked a previously recognised character wearing a grey cotton tracksuit, it was matching, how coordinated and sophisticated. He had black hair...

If you are followed home from Leckhampton please report this to the local police (0845 090 1234) and lock your bikes up in your house for a while. Cars have been known to return only hours later to take the bikes. Carefully choose your route home so that you cannot be easily followed and keep an eye over your shoulder.

Daisybank needs you! - Updated

It is the time of year to put a bit of work in at Daisybank dirt jumps. Last year a few evenings work provided lots of airtime and progression of skills.

This year the plan is to fix some of the drainage issues and profile the final berm. Repair and lip treat the 2nd table line. The double line will be finished into a 6 pack. If there is time we would also like to tame the novice line a little. Conditions are great at the moment so lets go up and sort it!

A few people will be up there from 6pm on Thursday 8th April 4.30pm Friday 16th April, until dark. Come along if you want to help or want to make your own suggestions. Everyone welcome as it is not a club site.

Bring whatever equipment you have in your digging armoury.

These are a few snaps of the work so far. We did get more done but the lack of light prevented more photos.
The new kicker for the 1st on the double line

The start of the kicker for the second kicker and the lengthened 2nd table.

The lengthened final table and the start of the new hip line off it into the tight berm (cheers to the lads who suggested and started it)

The new freeride wheelbarrow in action.

New MTB Race Captain

We welcome Rachel Vicary as our new mountain bike race captain. This is a new role to support the development of racing at all levels, off road. As a keen racer herself she aims to promote the following:

1) To dissmeniate information about MTB racing events to you all -including XC, 4X, Downhill, Enduro etc
2) To promote racing. While not distracting from leisure riding, ensuring that those wishing to push themselves a little further have something to aspire to and have support/encouragement from the club to do so.
3) To facilitate racing - hopefully by co-ordinating events we can make it easier and cheaper to organise transport, accommodation etc
4) To promote our members' racing achievements - not only within the club but externally too.
5) To build up racing expertise - making the most of local tracks for our own mini practise events and ultimately getting experts into the club for training sessions etc

There are many local Cheltenham riders, young and old, that race but who are not part of the club. Hopefully we can also use this role to reach out to them and bring them into the club. As this is a new role, I am of course, still scoping out what needs to be done.

If you race or have an interest in doing so please email Rachel, or just contact TheCorrective

XC Route, HONC 2009

As promised here is the route for HONC 2009.

View the route at BikeHike

Download the TRL files

XC route, HONC 2010

Not quite an exclusive, but we have the route for the HONC 2010. We will publish previous routes over the next few weeks as a bonus treat.

If you are downloading to your navigation device for the event please download the latest files from the HONC Website.

View the 100k route at BikeHike
View the 50k route at BikeHike

Download the 100k TRL files
Download the 50k TRL files
Download the 100k GPX files
Download the 50k GPX files

Bushcombe track walk 31st March

Now the evenings are getting later we have the daylight and the opportunity to make B-Side something special for the summer. We are meeting at 6pm at the viewpoint car park so we can walk the new track route and discuss the work required.

No need to bring any tools to this one as it is an exploration trip. Once we all know where the track is going we can come up at our leisure to complete it. Remember anyone is welcome to come and view and work on the trail but due to insurance reasons you need to be a Cheltenham and County Cycling Club member to ride. We have worked hard to secure this venue, please do not ruin it with illegal riding.

The new track requires a bit of hard graft but has some really exciting sections. We've got a serious amount of space at Bushcombe and are keen to get loads of lines up there to make it the best riding experience for all, so if you've always wanted a big road gap, some twisty woodland singletrack or a sweet jump-line - discuss it with us and then come and build something that you want to ride and progress on!"

I have been watching this video, it features some trail work that we should aspire to...

Requests for Bushcombe

I am sure that you all have many ideas about what you want from the Bushcombe site.
There is a post on the CC-CC forum so all club members can make suggestions on what we should build. Of course we will be asking for people to help build these ideas!!

Do not forget the walk of the site tomorrow (Wednesday evening). Come along even if you cannot/ do not want to help dig, there are many other ways you can help.

Make your track suggestions HERE

XC Route, Dumbleton

This ride has quite a few road miles but takes in a few of the local hills, if you are feeling energetic you could even take a 'short cut' up Bushcombe Lane.

45.75km with 692m of climbing.

View the route at BikeHike
Download the TRL  (right click and save) 

Moelfre Uplift Day

After the success of Cwmcarn, the next uplift day on the 27th March at Moelfre.

For those that do not know, Moelfre is about 100miles away (so easy in a day trip), the track contains about 1 tree but is flat out and very fun. On a sunny day it is the closest you will get to riding in the alps. You can ride it on any bike, I have been on my hardtail which was only slightly slower than my 224. Uplift is on a tractor trailer and you will get somewhere between 10 and 15 runs.

These uplift days are very low key and open to all, there is no elitism as everyone is there for a good laugh. I have seen 11 year olds on the same trailer as guys who race world cups!

More information can be found at borderline-events

To get you warmed up here is a video of a race there last year...

MTB skills course round-up

Wow! what a day! The skills course at Woburn Sands was a first for some and the second instalment for others. Everyone picked up lots of new skills from the day and Tony was able to point out what was needed to make everyone ride really smooth by the end of the day

It is really great to see the progress of everyone from when we started to when we finished - in fact I was blown away by it. But now I am very tired with my head buzzing full of thoughts relating to todays events. Let's hope I can sleep.

Tony's posted a write up on the day which can be found here along with some photos and videos...

MTB skills course

We have arranged a CC-CC skills day at Woburn Sands (near Milton Keynes). This is a great venue whether you want to improve your XC skills or some hard DH / jumping techniques. It doesn't matter what skill level or age I can vouch that you will learn lots and take loads away from it. ContactUs if you are interested.

The course be with Tony from www.ukbikeskills.co.uk who has recently been called the UK's best coach by the guy heading up the Off Road Development at the CTC. With Bushcombe going to be ready soon this will be great to make the most of that and any trips away you might have planned for this year.

Ok I hope you will not be doing shady jumps like this in the course, but it is the only photo I have of Woburn (and demonstrating a complete lack of skills). There are loads of single tracks sections which are ideal for training on.

This video includes the guy that is running the course:

Just found this video, the second half shows some of the trails at Worburn

Bushcombe 2010 Plans

Winter has been a little quiet for Bushcombe, but the project is still ongoing with plenty of exciting plans for the coming year including a new track and a real potential for uplifts.

Over the winter the farmer has done a lot of clearing and has constructed better access. Unfortunately this has damaged a section of Track1, it is still ridable but it is going to be laid to rest. The access track makes uplifts a real option now... Just need someone to organise it!

The good news is that we have laid out a new track which is packed with features and longer than Track1. Let me introduce B-Side:
OK this is just a sketch of what is going down, but we have over half of it cleared already and will be looking to ride sections in the next couple of months. The track looks to be about 750m long with a 100m drop, there are more jump and chute options over the first track and of course will have plenty of corners to keep you on your toes.

The aim for Spring is to get as many people as possible working on the track on official dig sessions and whenever they can make it. Ideally we should work on the main track, but any trail building up Bushcombe will be good.

If you want to get involved contact Alex or Barnaby, if you don't have their email just ContactUs

Forest of Dean Mini DH Round 3

In the final round of the FOD Mini DH winter series on Sunday Feb 28th, TheCorrective was represented by Rachel Vicary, Charlie Williams and Roger Smith.

The track was cut up and very muddy in places which made it particularly challenging, similar to round 1. Rachel suffered from a leaking front brake during her first run and had to abandon it, whilst Charlie and Roger had off track excursions.

Rachel managed to blag a bike for her run (thanks to Rich Dade for the lending of his Demo 7), and she managed to post a very respectable time giving her 4th in her category, so a great effort indeed. Her time was just eclipsed by Roger (38th masters) who was experimenting with hardtail racing – something he is still questioning but is determined to get the hang of….

Charlie put in a solid performance on his hardtail to post an excellent 11th in the Masters.

A hard day above the saddle, but still great fun all the same.

Photos courtesy of Goshka Awramik

Leckhampton Leaflet - with download

An awareness leaflet produced in partnership between Cheltenham Borough Council, FOLK and CC-CC is available in local bike shops, notably Leisure lakes, Cheltenham Cycles and Roylan Cycles.

The leaflet is aimed at MTBers who use Leckhampton Hill, and primarily DHers. It is essential all riders on the hill ride responsibly and think of their impact on other users on the hill. Only by being responsible can we gain respect as a group on the hill, so please do so.

You can download a version HERE


Cirencester Duathlon Results

Four CCCC riders and some of their partners enjoyed a different kind of XC racing at the Bathurst Estate near Cirencester on Valentines Day. On a cold but sunny morning we lined up for a 2 mile run, 10 mile mountain bike and then another 2 mile run - all around a muddy but not very technical course.

Ewen Macgregor and Liz Catchpole, racing as 'Ginger and Nuts' were second relay team home, in 95th overall. Other individual Cheltenham riders put in some solid placings in the mid field - David Koryczan (118th), Mike Saunders (78th), and Mark Smith (98th). Mark achieved his target time despite having twice dropped his pump on the bike lap and having to double back and fetch it! It was also great to see Rob Brown who came along to provide moral support to 'Team CCCC'.

A highlight of the race for me was when, on the first run, ten fully-grown deer suddenly ran across the track right in front of us - quite a surprise!

All in all it was a very enjoyable morning, and for those who like a bit of muddy running along with their muddy cycling I recommend it highly.

Cwmdown, XC and Curry

We're still on for our Cwmcarn day next Saturday (Feb 13th).

Mixture of Downhill for those booked on the Cwmdown shuttle service, and XC for rippin up and down the excellent trail there. The DHers will be starting their runs from 10am and carry on til late afternoon. There is no set time for others to meet up but if you are intending on going, let us all know what you are and what time you intend on arriving in the morning.

For the evening I will be booking a table at the Kashmir Restaurant in Cheltenham (around the corner from Leisure Lakes) for 8pm. I've had some interest but, whatever, I'll be dragging my other half out for a curry!! Propose to meet at Taylors (Cambray) for 7pm onwards. Again, if you do intend on coming along, let us know so I get an idea of numbers.

Saturday's Route, Colesbourne, Brimpsfield

Saturday XC ride going out to Colesbourne and Brimpsfield

View the route at EveryTrail
Download the GPX or KML files

Forest of Dean Mini DH Results

Rachel, Rich Dade and Roger represented the club at the 661 Mini Downhill event in the Forest today. Started off very hard and frosty, then gradually turned to mush in some places after that.

Rach came 2nd in the women's category - podium AGAIN and first of a few I suspect in '10. Top performance.

Rich and Roger gave a good account considering what appeared to be a very strong field generally. Waiting for results to be posted but I think Rich was about 20th, and Roger was about 30th in the masters category, over 40 raced I believe.

Charlie Williams who I'm pretty sure is a member of CC-CC now was on his hard tail and was ripping. 5th or 6th in Masters.

Cheltenham and County Cycling Club Results:
Rachel Vicary 2nd Womens (9.058s down)
Williams Charlie 6th Masters (7.228s down)
Rich Dade 21st Masters (14.919s down)
Roger Smith 30th Masters (19.823s down)
Garry Higgins 21st Veterans (6.330s down)

Saturday's Route, The Wall

Saturday XC ride going out to the wall near Cranham.
25miles in total with a large proportion off-road.

View the route at EveryTrail

View the route at BikeHike

Download the GPX or KML files

Forest of Dean practice

A couple of short clips using a new camera of TheCorrective getting in a sneaky bit of practice before the Mini DH race next weekend.