A few good runs

A nice video compilation of some of the best club rides..

Daisybank dig weekender 2012

Big thanks to all who turned up to repair Daisybank dirt jumps this weekend. It was an epic couple of days of dirt moving and packing in. I still cannot quite believe how much we achieved and how good the summer is going to be riding up there.

Buckholt Wood riding agreement

Last Friday (March 23rd) representatives from Cheltenham & County CC and Bigfoot MBC reached what we considered as a workable riding agreement with Natural England and the forestry manager

Cheltenham & County and Bigfoot MBC hit Ribbesford

With our two clubs having recently collaborated in trying to negotiate the return of mountain biking to Buckholt Woods we furthered this partnership with a superb gravity riding day at the downhill trails near to Ribbesford

First Ride Bushcombe DH

A few of us went up Bushcombe DH track to try it out on Thursday. First impressions are that it rides well and holds a good flow, we knew that some sections still need some work but we have only been working on it for a couple of weeks!

Big grins loam drift action!

Nailsworth Beer Tour

I am trying to put together a Real Ale tour of some pubs in and around the Nailsworth area in Early August. A work colleague of mine who happens to be a big Real Ale fan, lives in the area and we would like to meet up and take a some of the great establishments in the area. I suggest taking bikes on the road down to there (for speed purposes).

I am proposing Saturday 8th August, with the aim of getting there for about 3pm. We can take in some pubs and head back for early evening. Please contact me if you are interested in this so I can get an idea of numbers. It's about time we had a summer beer tour - I think the last was a Donningtons one a few years back.


Bushcombe DH!

The rumours are true, we have secured a venue to build GravityAssisted tracks!

We have access to 108acres of lightly wooded/ scrub land with up to 120m drop. The plan is to build a selection of DH tracks with varying styles and technical abilities. The area is completely different to Lecky so we can have a good selection of trails.

The site will be a club members only spot but we will run some form of events for the general public. Keep your eye on this blog for the latest information.

If you want to come and help dig or ride ContactUs